The following are the rules that will be enforced at Hellfire Club parties.  We respectfully request that you familiarize yourself with them, so that we can avoid unnecessary interruptions of your fun!


1. All scenes and interactions must be 100% consensual. Non-consensual touching is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Please ask before hugging, groping, etc. If it is not yours (human property or otherwise), do not touch without permission. Each individual in attendance is responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of their valuables(purses, play toys, etc). If you feel your rights have been violated by another attendee, please discuss this with one of the Dungeon Monitors or the event host (MasterMatt84) so that we can ensure similar incidents do not happen again.

2. The event safewords are RED (Immediate end to play, all players must check in with DM before continuing scene), YELLOW (Take it easy, but continue) and GREEN (Weeeeee! This is fun!). If the top does not end a scene when RED is called, a Dungeon Monitor will intervene and stop the scene.

3. Play is only allowed in the monitored play space. There will be no playing in the social area, the bathrooms, or outside. Do not interrupt a play scene that you are not a part of. This means no asking questions, no touching, and you must stay behind the roped off area if you are not a part of the scene. The only persons allowed to interrupt a scene are the on-duty Dungeon Monitors and the event host.

4. Each participant is expected to examine the equipment for safety both before and after a scene. Please respect the intended usage and function of the equipment. Participants use the equipment at their own risk. If you have a concern about any of the equipment, or would like to know how to use it, please consult a DM or the host.

5. No sexual penetration, oral sex, sexual manipulation, or masturbation is allowed at this event. This is a rule requested by our venue, and if you violate it you could cause us to lose our play space. There is a hotel conveniently located near our venue if you would like to play in a sexual nature after your scene at the party!

6. Kinksters planning to scene with apparent non-consent, play piercing, cutting, fire play, fire cupping and TENS play above the waist must clear it with the on-duty Dungeon Monitor prior to beginning the scene, so that proper arrangements can be made. If you fail to do so, you can expect to have your scene interrupted so that we can ensure all safety precautions are being taken. If you have questions about something you’d like to do, don’t hesitate to e-mail your scene details in advance of the party along with your questions. Participants are requested to provide their own drop cloths, approved sharps containers, or fire extinguishers as appropriate, though we do keep some on hand for emergencies.

7. Bleeding during percussion play will necessitate the end of a scene in progress, due to the risk of airborne blood. In the event of a small nick or scrape, it is acceptable to pause play, clean the area, cover securely with a band-aid, and resume playing. Dungeon Monitors will be more than willing to fetch a band-aid from our first aid kit at your request. Please recognize that Dungeon Monitors reserve the right to order an end to a scene if they feel there is a valid medical concern of any type.

8. Momentary, manual breath play (eg. Hand over the mouth) is allowed, but must be cleared with a Dungeon Monitor beforehand. A drop signal must be used when doing breath play. The use of devices such as bags or hoses is not allowed.

9. The use of gags of any sort require that a nonverbal equivalent of RED be predetermined and conveyed to the Dungeon Monitor before beginning the scene. We recommend that gagged kinksters hold a ball or some other object in their hand, and drop it to signal RED.

10. We do not allow choking (a hand around the neck is acceptable, but applying pressure could lead to a blood clot and is too much liability for us!), water sports, scat, free flowing blood, or activities of a permanently damaging nature.

11. CONFIDENTIALITY – What happens at the party, stays at the party. You are not to disclose details of who was in attendance, who participated in what types of scenes, or the venue location to others. In addition, recording devices (still, video, or audio recorders) are not allowed. Cell phones may not be used within the venue building…please go outside if you need to make a phone call!

12. WEAPONS – Firearms are not permitted on the premises. Knives that do not break the laws of Ontario are allowed for use in scenes, but must be properly sheathed when not involved in play so that there is no risk of injury. Knives are not permitted in the social area.

13. VICES – We require that our attendees not be visibly inebriated upon entrance to the party and alcohol is not permitted on the premises. If a Dungeon Monitor suspects that you are inebriated, they may request an end to your scene. Also, drug use/sale/purchase, prostitution, solicitation of services, or negotiation of payment for sexual services is not allowed on the venue property.

14. Do not at any time leave your bottom/sub/slave unattended during a scene. If you must leave the area, you are to find an appropriate person to watch them until you return.

15. Please use the dry erase board to sign up for use of play equipment. If you are not present when your turn arrives, the next person in line will be bumped up and you will have to sign up again. There is no strict time limit for scenes, but we do ask that you be considerate of the others who paid to attend the event and use the play space. Please restrict yourself to one scene on a play piece, rather than having consecutive scenes on the same piece. Please sanitize the equipment with the provided wipes following your scene.

16. Our party is not a war zone. If you have a problem with someone attending the event, please leave it at the door. We are adults and can be civil despite our differences. Anyone that causes a problem will be asked to leave.

As a private event, we reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone. We also reserve the right to modify or add/remove rules at our discretion (as may be required by our venue), and request that you review the party rules upon entry to the event. The rules are not subject to negotiation. Decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules as they apply to specific circumstances during the party is entirely up to the host. By attending, you are agreeing to abide by these rules. If you fail to follow the rules we’ve set out, you may be banned from attending future events in some circumstances. We thank you for your cooperation.