Hellfire Club is proud to present a workshop beneficial to everyone in the kink community, presented by JulesInNola. We’re offering this FREE workshop prior to the Hellfire Asylum party, because its such an important thing that will help you navigate this exciting lifestyle.

Let’s Do This: Negotiating scenes and relationships in kink

This class covers why and how to establish and communicate your boundaries for kinky play and relationships. It will include methods for negotiating, specific points you may wish to include in your negotiations, and ways to make negotiations hot! This class will also help you use this form of communication to determine when you should or should not go ahead with play or a relationship. An essential skill for tops and bottoms alike, negotiating sets the stage for hot play and helps prevent miss communication.

If you’re not yet sure of your boundaries, or are interested in how to negotiate with kinksters whose approaches are very different from your own, this is the class for you! If you’re afraid that outlining every detail of your play ahead of time will make your scene shrivel up, this class will help you find ways to share information with your partner without ruining elements of control and surprise.

To ensure that we have enough handouts for everyone attending, please register for the event by emailing registerforparty@gmail.com with the subject ‘Workshop’.

About the Presenter:

Jules is a co-leader of Buffalo TNG and a liaison team member for the Rochester Kink Society. She’s been active in the public BDSM and fetish communities in varying degrees since the late 90’s, and has found substantial fulfillment in furthering kink education.

Jules first began teaching negotiation classes for MBA students over a decade ago at a major university, and has managed to morph her substantial education fetish with her vanilla expertise and knowledge in yet another strange way to provide this class for kinksters! Jules also teaches classes on needle play, rough body play, breathplay, and more.